Regatta Information

Date : 16-17 November 2019

Distance : 2000m

No. of Lanes : 8

Held Start : Yes

Start: 8.30am  TBC
Finish: 5.00  TBC

Start:  8.30am  TBC
Finish: 3.30pm  TBC

Regatta Format

The regatta will be a two-day regatta featuring heats on the first day and finals on day two. The program has been re-written to cater for the new classifications that were introduced two years ago at the NZRA Annual Meeting. This year, Under-16 events have been combined into the Intermediate  events.

Regatta Conditions

Regatta Matrix

Safety Briefing

The pre-regatta safety briefing will now be held one hour prior to the first race of the regatta in front of the marshals hut in the boat park, as in previous years.

Entry Information

Entries Open: 22 Oct 2018 8:00am

Entries Close: 5 Nov 2018 8:00am

Regatta Type: Local Regatta

Entry Cost: See Adjacent

RNZ C/L: Required

Entry Fees

Eight: $31.00

Four/Quad: $26.00

Double/Pair: $23.00

Single: $20.00

Seat Fee: $1.00 per seat

rowIT Fee: $0.20 per seat

Amenity Fee: $14.00 per athlete

Late Scratching: $40.00

Did Not Start: $60.00

Non Progression: $150.00

Non Declared Crew Change: $50.00

Lost/Late Return of Number: $25.00

Tent Site: $110.00

All Fees: plus GST