Regatta Information

Date:30 November to 1 December 2019
No. Lanes:8
Held Start:Yes

Entry Information

Entries Open:4 Nov 2019 8:00am
Entries Close:19 Nov 2019 8:00am
Regatta Type:Local Regatta
Regatta Class:Non Classification
Entry Cost:See Below:
RNZ C/L:Required

Entry Fees

Seat Fee:$1.00 per seat
rowIT Fee:$0.20 per seat
Amenity Fee:$14.00 per athlete
Late Scratching:$40.00
Did Not Start:$60.00
Non Progression:$150.00
Non Declared Crew Change:$50.00
Lost/Late Return of Number:$25.00
Tent Site:$110.00
All Fees:plus GST

2019 Karapiro Club Regatta

Event # Event Code Event Name
1 WN2x Womens Novice Double Scull
2 WC2x Womens Club Double Scull
3 MI1x Mens Intermediate Single Scull
4 WI2x Womens Intermediate Double Scull
5 MN2x Mens Novice Double Scull
6 MC2x Mens Club Double Scull
7 WS2x Womens Senior Double Scull
8 Gu18 2- Girls under 18 Coxless Pair
9 MS1x Mens Senior Single Scull
10 Bu18 2- Boys under 18 Coxless Pair
11 Gu16 1x Girls under 16 Single Scull
12 Bu16 2x Boys under 16 Double Scull
13 WN4x+ Womens Novice Coxed Quad Scull
14 WC4+ Womens Club Coxed Four
15 MI8x+ Mens Intermediate Octuple Scull
16 WI4x+ Womens Intermediate Coxed Quad Scull
17 MN4+ Mens Novice Coxed Four
18 MC1x Mens Club Single Scull
19 WS2- Womens Senior Coxless Pair
20 Gu18 1x Girls under 18 Single Scull
21 MS2- Mens Senior Coxless Pair
22 Bu18 1x Boys under 18 Single Scull
23 Bu16 4x+ Boys under 16 Coxed Quad Scull
24 Gu16 4+ Girls under 16 Coxed Four
25 WC2- Womens Club Coxless Pair
26 MI2x Mens Intermediate Double Scull
27 WI8+ Womens Intermediate Eight
28 MN8x+ Mens Novice Octuple Scull
29 MC2- Mens Club Coxless Pair
30 WS4x- Womens Senior Coxless Quad Scull
31 MS4- Mens Senior Coxless Four
32 Gu18 4+ Girls under 18 Coxed Four
33 Bu18 4+ Boys under 18 Coxed Four
34 Bu16 8+ Boys under 16 Eight
35 Gu16 8+ Girls under 16 Eight
36 WC8+ Womens Club Eight
37 MI4+ Mens Intermediate Coxed Four
38 WN4+ Womens Novice Coxed Four
39 WI1x Womens Intermediate Single Scull
40 MC8+ Mens Club Eight
41 WS4- Womens Senior Coxless Four
42 Gu18 4x+ Girls under 18 Coxed Quad Scull
43 MS4x- Mens Senior Coxless Quad Scull
44 Bu18 2x Boys under 18 Double Scull
45 Bu16 1x Boys under 16 Single Scull
46 Gu16 4x+ Girls under 16 Coxed Quad Scull
47 WC1x Womens Club Single Scull
48 MI4x+ Mens Intermediate Coxed Quad Scull
49 WN8x+ Womens Novice Octuple Scull
50 WI4+ Womens Intermediate Coxed Four
51 MN8+ Mens Novice Eight
52 MC4x- Mens Club Coxless Quad Scull
53 WS1x Womens Senior Single Scull
54 Gu18 2x Girls under 18 Double Scull
55 MS2x Mens Senior Double Scull
56 Bu18 4x+ Boys under 18 Coxed Quad Scull
57 Bu16 4+ Boys under 16 Coxed Four
58 Gu16 2x Girls under 16 Double Scull
59 WC4x- Womens Club Coxless Quad Scull
60 MI8+ Mens Intermediate Eight
61 WN8+ Womens Novice Eight
62 WI8x+ Womens Intermediate Octuple Scull
63 MN4x+ Mens Novice Coxed Quad Scull
64 MC4+ Mens Club Coxed Four
65 WS8+ Womens Senior Eight
66 Gu18 8+ Girls under 18 Eight
67 MS8+ Mens Senior Eight
68 Bu18 8+ Boys under 18 Eight


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